Lyrics from "Fairytales"

Music / First Night / Mt.Fuji / A Rose In Her Hand / Lions Are The World / I'm The Evil / Little Red Riding Hood / Love


Sparks of fire, a moment of pleasure, that night when music was born.
Steps of iron, like tears of a Dragon, that night when music was born.

Nowhere to run when I've lost my direction
Nowhere to catch what is drawn in my soul
Should I come back to my oldest affection?
To the night, when music was born.

Drops of darkness, silent charade, that night when music was born.
Treasure protected under the blade, that night when music was born.

There's no escape for the souls lost in time
If you forget you're not leading the world
Into the mist there's a sign of a crime
But that night, the music was born.

You grab me when I fall down, Lord of the Night.
You grab me when I fall down, please let the music fly high.

First Night

Don't ya think, let it be...
We'll fly another time for this I don't regret,
All that had been broken.
Don't ya think, let it be...
We used to be pals now there's nothing and no one.
Never made us so damned close.

Power of Love, Power of Lunacy,
All now is clearer, all now is gloomier.

My first night without you must fall.
Coming to the North
My first night without you must fall.
Coming to the North, pushed against the Wall
Floating in the air, my heart still wanders in the Storm.

Don't ya think...It's not right
There's nothing you can do but now you have to see...
That we've been given a gift.
Don't ya think... It's not right
Staying side but side is like a falling star.
Much too close and much too far.

But now I feel the dark behind me
And now, I'm gonna trust my soul...

Mt. Fuji

Time I need Time, to forgive what my pride left behind
But Time will never come.
Time, I need Time to forget what my soul can't rewind
But Time won't be so long.
And I've lost my soul.

In the land of blood and fire, in this night of Fantasy
Sky is dark the Storm is higher it's my Destiny.
I see something that can scare you, you don't wanna meet his eyes,
Walking back the snow surrounds you like a sacrifice.

Above you, I'm gonna recall my
childhood clue, so I can survive.

Like a God above his reign, he can freeze you with his face
You are there to play the game in this shining place.
Only men who live with honor, agony and ecstasy,
can look at the magic mountain where they spread their dreams.

I'm down there with my emotions
Just down there to feel like I'm flying.

Mountain Fuji is the Key to find your heart
Mountain Fuji is a spark beneath the Stars
Mountain Fuji is the Castle of the Dawn
Home for a innocent soul.

There's no need to face, what my mind can't get to know,
There's no path and place, where my soul can find the love,
Apart from you...

Shining and sparkling your peak is so bright,
You look like a preacher a guide for Mankind
Your shape is something so close to an Angel with innocent eyes...

Sometimes you scare us.

Look at the top of the mountain...feel in your veins what is wrong
Symbol of boldness and's a light for us all.

A Rose In Her Hand

Help me: nothing left for me to say
While the World around me seems to fade away.
Help me: nothing left for me to live for
While I see nothing around me, nothing but despair.

Help me, save me, 'cause I'm talking to you
I've got nothing in my hand, nothing but a Rose.
Help me, I'm asking just for comprehension
While the World around me rolls and goes so wrong.

For a Girl, with a Rose in her hand
For a Girl, trying to explain what is wrong
Into this life that is turning into Hell
Tell me what will remain for a Girl with a Rose in her hand.

Lions Are The World

Close the window, it's so cold inside
Lock the door, the snow falls down so bright
Think about, the path (and) the road we walked
There's no doubt, lions are the World

There is a time when people has to mind and care
There is a time when memories they wouldn't fade
There is a chance to take and fly so high
To be a Lion to survive

Ride the lightning, hold me and stay so close
Lead the fighting, till the Northwinds blows
Walk the river, only if you can
Find the answers Lion is what I am

There is place when people has to learn to fly
There are some winged lions and they cannot die,
To be a light, a guide for all Mankind...
To be an angel in the night
Light my fire, give me a reason, make me fly, in this darkest night
Make me higher, tonight, brake my prison it's right
I'm a lion...and this is what I want...

Lions are the World, when the World is mine,
Lions are the World, to keep me sadisfied,
Let them scream their anger, let them fly alone,
When the Shade is rising, don't forget that Lions are the World.

Take my hand and tell me all the stories that you know
Grab a pen and write down all your dreams you're looking for
Use your deep illusion, try to throw your fears away
Close your eyes and smile to enter this sweet Fairytale.

Crucified...Terrorized...this is the Time for the Lions one but me can find Lions in the World.

Listen to the music close the door and spread your Dreams
Ride the Winged Lion until he will turn the things
Feel inside your body your celestial Fantasy
Touch the Wizard and tell me if you've finally found the Key!

I'm The Evil

I'll come to you, dark as night cold as snow.
After long fights blood anguish my memories.
I'll come to you, I breathe your silence I fill your gaps.
To make you cry.

You'll eat my flesh in this luxury banquet
I'll eat your soul, day by day
I'm the Evil that consumes you
I'm the Evil that corrupts you.

I'll come to you, like a pill inside your throat.
It Makes you better,,, make the worst that you can do.
I'll come to you, Lord of darkness, Lord of life.
But not yours.

Little Red Riding Hood

I'm lost in the Twilight tonight, but something I took just for granted,
Believing the Devil has died, the Wolf cannot scare me anymore.
I'm crossing the Wood but inside there is a warship in the darkness,
Its cannons are ready to strike but I hold the key of the peace.

Don't stop don't run, just use your mind and your affection,
you don't need a gun to rule the world.

Your legend is my faith to keep your throne alive,
no wolves no alligators can change it.
So ride your winged lion, the Rainbow still is smiling cowgirl,
Fantasy can link us all tonight.

Fly and send me a sign to leave the past behind us,
'till the future will be so bright and your hands can draw the line.
Fly and send me a sign to tell me where's the fire,
and we'll warm your story and mine without big wolf or crimes,
'cause I am here to keep you alive.

I'm lost in the Twilight tonight, I search for a reason, an answer,
to follow this path without signs, to merge the red wine to the blood.
I heard a weak desperate cry, I guess that her grandmother's dying,
the Curse and the Doom will realize, I've just to take care about you.

Don't fly away, just try to point your destination,
leave your package down, don't turn away.

Fly, send me a sign....

Red, Little Riding Hood, day by day this is your life,
Step by step into the wood.
Red, Little Riding Hood, see the wolf is near, behind
And you know he'll never die,.... Red, Little Riding Hood.

I'm your eternal Lord, your dream, your life your nightmare,
A cold breeze that come & go, I'll never let you alone.
Only if this night has gone, Red Hood can cross the dark step
Only without you Wolf, the story can go on.

In my sight: the big black Wolf. So die: cause I'm the legend of the Wood.
I'm not a man and you understand that I am here for your blood.

Hooooooooo: the big black Wolf ( 4 times, the 3rd the big black wolf is here ).

In my sight: the big black Wolf. Don't die: you are a symbol of the Wood.
And I can't kill the legend I feel, we'll stay alive, together, tonight.

What kind of arms you have got- it's better to hold you with.
What kind of eyes you have got- it's better to see you tonight.
What kind of nose you have got- it's better to smell you with.
What, mouth so eat you in a while, and clear you from the Wood,...
Red, Little Riding Hood.

This is everything we know about this ancient story, discover this Sacred
Wood,... Red, Little Riding Hood.

I'm lost in the Twilight tonight, but something I took just for granted,
the wolf and the little girl ride across all my dreams and my thoughts.
I'm writing this story to find, and end to conclude what one started,
some century & century ago, and now I can leave you alone.

Think what you heard, you'll never get some other chances,
listen to these words just one more time:

Your legend is my faith...

Red, Little Riding Hood, this is time to say goodbye
To forget your Magic Wood.
Red, Little Riding Hood, one more song to live your life,
one more night into the Wood,
Red, Little Riding Hood.


Sun is shining on your Heaven, while you're slipping to his hands,
In the air a breeze from Eden but I hate to understand.
Cards I got I threw away, and my weapons fire alone,
Like the magic came so brave, now this magic seems to fade.

Nothing is left just for me, nightmare or dream hard to keep.
Feeling so hard to erase you from my life, feelings so hard to describe.

When you're smiling at this face, when I'm crying forevermore;
When you're running to his hands, when I listen to this song:
I won't desire to be him, I'd like just to change all your dreams.

But really I don't know how to do it, and maybe I'm not able to do it.
Only God knows what is burning in my heart,
But our flame seems to live apart.

Only God knows that wherever you are my mind hold you such as a star.
Don't let it end, believe it or not, but this is a chance that we've got.

I don't want to fly without you, I just want you by my side,
What we felt is something strong, if we lose it it's a suicide,
Can we find this flame again? Do you think it's easy?

Shadows come you don't know where to cry,
Like a bomb that explodes in your face,
Without you I'm so lost and so strange, it's hard to say.
Like an ocean without shore and sand, like a Sun who don't burn anymore,
Stop you crying think about ourselves, it's not too late.

Silent nights, old memories, he's at your side, now he's got my dream.

I don't know what you're feeling inside you,
Maybe just I don't want me to know.
It doesn't matter if you're running to find me,
What we felt in that night Yes I know...'cos this is LOVE.