Lyrics from "Wings"

Rainbow In The Dark / Summer Of 2001 / Another Reason To Believe / Belzebu2 / Faded Fantasy / Last Ride / A Stupid Song

Rainbow In The Dark

Dancing through the countryside and wandering in a land,
A falling star in front of me is a way to understand.
The smoke around the castle is fading,
But I've got the strength just to make...the same mistake.
The Sun is staring at my eyes and I don't want to go,
The rainbow doesn't want to fly so I can't let it go.
A whisper on my fairytale is something that I wanted to break:
The same mistake, the same old game, the same I know.
The falling Star is passing by but I don't wanna fall,
The power of a feeling blind can push me against the wall,
I'm wondering if I'm alive, I'm honestly so ready to make:
The same mistake.
Sometimes I want to shot through myself,
Sometimes I want to be someone else, I'm still alive but I'm not OK,
Out in the sunlight, out in the sunlight to make:
The same mistake, the same old game, the same I know.
Always the same, inside my brain, maybe it's too late.
While by while I cross that line to change my aim inside,
for the tears I couldn't cry, for what I left behind.
Just one step, another word, I'm living this again,
Just one step another breathe and I will be so ready to make:
The same mistake, losing the old game, that's what I know.
All my mistake, I have to make, that's me you know.

But I will fly to find the rainbow in the dark, I will fly so high, my vision.
And I will fly to find my rainbow in the dark, and I'll control…my Life.

Amazing sensation moves on my mind, exciting vibration I'm feeling fine.
Oneiric radiation possess my home, warriors of iron are not so strong.

Another day, another dawn some other air to breathe,
Another road, another town, so proud , so fool and ready to make…
The same mistake.

Summer Of 2001

In a corner of the world the Rainbow signs some spires.
In this corner I can get enough.
With my Crystal Eye I touch, I send my feelings higher,
In my Crystal Eyes to hide my soul.

You can run away, you'll try but I can't guide your answers,
You can't slam the door, you shouldn't cry.
If you take this chance again, the Rainbow will surround you,
Try to open up your heart and soul.

I'm what you looked for, your ego, your world,
I'm your solution, the door of the wall.

But the Summer of 2001, was the time of our fire,
Cause the Summer of 2001, was a rebel reborn…
Back on the Dawn, to the Summer of 2001.

In the century of the kings, we had to swallow nightmares,
In this year we lived we spread our dreams.
In the time of blood and fire, the knights ride on their power,
2001 was just a year to live.

There's no solution, to unwind these chains
You are the only one who force your defence.

But the Summer of 2001, was the Mystical trial,
And the summer of 2001, was a mission unknown.
Cause the summer of 2001, was a road to fly higher
So back on the Dawn, to the Summer of 2001.

Another Reason To Believe

Save me, sentimental warrior, I am here to hold you, take the time and
Save me, I don't want to die here, vampires are still crying,
So bring me back tonight, back tonight.

Save me, ghost of navigator, symbol of the nature, hear my answers
Stay here, lead me to the Sunlight, don't be far from my sight,
This will be our time, just our time.

In this night please come and take my hand
Angel of mercy, play the game, to open this fields, call my name...
And I will erase all the tears from your back.

So take my hand and Try

Give me another sign to cry, give me another way to hide,
Give me another reason and shelter to believe.

Treasure, hidden in the ocean, lost in my emotion, feel the end of...
My path, is the way to nowhere, but I'm still so strong and...
I feel the end of time, end of time.

Belzebu 2

Answer me, it's too late to say farewell,
it's too late to tell me that our Lord has gone.
Answer me, it's too late to find the way,
but I'm always here to face another day.

Back to the past, I saw a lifetime;
No time to rest, no time to fly.
Out in the garden, I see my Hell behind,
Blow up like fire, your love denied...

Hit my Heaven, bring my Heaven, find my Heaven,
Please come back to Heaven, just my Heaven,
faded wings that couldn't go inside our power unknown.

Animals, dying or living, are crying, Belzebu.
Look at him higher, jump to his fire, Belzebu is here for you.

Belzebu is an eternal way, is the boldest warrior,
I'm not so brave to stand up and stay,
but I'm running away Belzebu.
Belzebu is the Lord of night, is a Dragon flying...
He'll control our mind and soul,
wicked King of the world Belzebu.
and I'm running away...

Faded Fantasy

Look at my face, I feel the darkness
I'll stop and pray, I feel the crime
Into the silence, forever nightmare
Love is not brave, I'll make you cry

Living this day, inside the town
I long for the past, please come around
I feel my soul away, trapped in the dark room
Boosting your last mistake last mistake, to make you cry...

Passion in Dying, my soul is crying, Belzebu
Love is not fire, is not desire, Belzebu is here...for you!

Look at my face, my desperation
Don't stop and pray, your tears are ice
Throw away your last dream that you betrayed
I feel the cold...I'm gonna cry

Last Ride

Darkness, don't ever change your way before the night, nothing else can drive my soul insane, cause I'm dead.
Sunlight, I can't escape this day where demons dancing, from the evil wings that close my arms so wide, so strong.

I'm fly over your world again before the Sunlight, I'm a simple sign of what remains in your heart.
Never I won't come back someday because it's over, but your fantasy can still survive inside your mind.

Northwinds, slipping, inside my old bones,
Firestorm, sparkling, over my home.
I will sing to you a song for my youth gone, I'm singing last Skylark song.

White Warrior.
I'm walking around, off this darkness, I'm singing the last saddest song,
I'm trading my life with the death souls.
Come back White Warrior.
This end is a meaning of boldness, but I think I throw it away,
with just one mistake, just an error.
No way White Warrior.
My Princess' is guiding the adventure, the Angels are shining again,
But I'm not the man who they meant and now I have to take who I am,
a loser but maybe a Rainbow on which Mankind will fly someday
it's your choice between White and Gray.
I'm just White Warrior.

The Truth now we know and we'll never be alone,
the Red sun is shining for us all.
The rainbow will guide us where the Eagles teach the art of Love,
and the Skylark won't play anymore.

A Stupid Song

Can I write a stupid song? Can I cry forevermore?
Can I leave the past behind?
Can I throw it all away? I am dancing on my game,
do I know what I need to find (so)
Can I scream from night to day? Can I stay far from my way
Or pretend to be so blind?
Can I cover what I long? 'Cause the Truth is not this song,
but the Truth is that you're not mine.
Deepest feelings are a crime...
Can I write a stupid song, if the Rainbow is not born
and the dreams are left behind?
Can I run or take a train, that can lead me out of my brain,
or just give to me a sign?
It is you I want to find.
The pain sounds alone, so I write this stupid song.
Love, your touch, your love...
Love, your touch, your love is what I'm looking for...
Love, your touch, your love, I need your...

Hell is my Heaven, don't care what I'm saying.
I'm living in a room with my illusions.
Crossing the door to forget just my name, only your love can surround me
Tonight I'll send my prayers, to hide what I feel inside me.
Tonight, no more games, I'll lose you, lose it all again.

Hell is my Heaven, don't care what I'm saying.
I'm moving to another direction.
I'm leaving behind all your innocent smiles,
I'm turning my mind to an action.
Tonight, I'll ask my soul, to write or to end this nightmare
Come back Crystal Ball, to tell me where my Faith has gone.